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Lemanak & Batang Ai Combination (3D2N)

Day 1: Journey and overnight in Serubah or Kesit Longhouse as per Lemanak River Safari (hyperlink).

Day 2: After breakfast, a hands-on experience with a blowpipe. Then, take a short walk through the forest accompanied by avtraditionally-clad Iban tracker and learn about the traditional uses of rainforest plants in Iban culture. The walk ends at the river bank where you will embark in a longboat for a journey upriver to a tree-lined jungle pool. Lunch is cooked at the riverside in traditional Iban style where all ingredients are steamed in freshly-cut bamboo tubes over an open fire. After lunch, bathe in the pool or relax at the waterside. The return journey is done in traditional style to the sounds of the rainforest- boats are propelled with poles instead of outboard motors. Return downriver for transfer to Batang Ai jetty. After a 20 minute boat ride across the 24 km2 Hydro Lake, arrive at the luxurious Hilton Batang Ai Longhouse Resort. Dinner and accommodation will be at the resort.

Day 3: Breakfast will be followed by a short nature walk with the resort’s resident naturalist. Depart for Kuching via the same route. Lunch is served en route.


Duration: 3 Days, 2 Nights