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Niah Caves (Full Day)

MiriNiah National Park is home to the spectacular Great Cave, one of the oldest known human burial sites in South East Asia, the Painted Cave with its unique depictions of prehistoric burial rituals, and countless thousands of cave-dwelling creatures, all surrounded by dense primary rainforest and rugged limestone outcrops. This tour begins with a 1.5 hour car/bus journey from Miri. Upon arrival in the park, a 45-minute stroll along a wooden plankwalk through dense rainforest brings you to the Traders’ cave where bird nest traders have gathered annually for centuries to conduct their business. Shortly after, you will arrive at the mouth of the Great Cave, one of the largest and most spectacular cave entrances in the world. A steep winding path allows you to explore the Great Cave that leads out through a forest glade to the tranquillity of the Painted Cave where ancient cave paintings depict ‘death ships’ carrying departed souls to the afterlife. Return to the Great Cave mouth at dusk for the memorable sight of two great swirling ‘clouds’ intermingling, made up of countless bats leaving the cave to feed and innumerable swiftlets returning home to nest. Option: Overnight stays in park accommodation can be arranged. Note: Lunch may be taken early at the park headquarters or as a packed lunch in the park itself. Visitors are advised to wear good walking shoes and to carry a torch/flashlight.


Duration: Full Day