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Sarawak Jungle Escapade (4D3N)

Day 1: The journey is similar to Lemanak River Safari (hyperlink) until the arrival at Batang Ai Hydro Lake. An hour and 15 minutes by longboat will take you across the deep blue water of the lake and up the narrow Batang Ai River, past rugged hillsides dotted with rice fields and pepper gardens to Jingin longhouse. Visit this 10-door longhouse and learn all about this ‘entire village under 1 roof’. Dinner will be served in the simple guest-house. After dinner, return to the longhouse for an evening of entertainment which includes traditional dancing, music, games, and a glass or two of tuak (rice wine). The Iban are fun-loving people and visitors are expected to join in on the merriment.

Day 2: After breakfast at the longhouse, we depart for a 3D2N trekking trip deep into the heart of Borneo accompanied by experienced Iban trackers. This trek takes you into the remote Batang Ai National Park, near the Indonesian border, between 900 and 1600m above sea level. The area is home to a large population of wild orang utans, and there is a good possibility of an encounter. Other wildlife and fascinating plant life are also abundant. Overnight stay will be in tents or makeshift shelters constructed from leaves and branches.

Day 3: Continue trekking and exploring the rainforest, observing at close hand the unique flora and fauna that populate this remarkable ecosystem and learn how to survive in the jungle.

Day 4: After breakfast in the jungle, depart by longboat downriver and across the lake to the jetty. Return to Kuching via the same route. Lunch will be served en route.


Duration: 4 Days, 3 Nights