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Sarawak Rafting Escapade (4D3N)

Day 1: Journey and overnight in Ugat longhouse as per Sarawak Jungle Escapade (hyperlink).

Day 2: After breakfast, travel upriver by longboat to the remote Lubok Pantau longhouse. The water flows faster as the boa climbs higher and the boatman frequently has to ‘shoot the rapids’. During the dry season, visitors may have to climb out and help push the boat. Lunch is cooked in traditional Iban style by the river bank. In the afternoon, arrive at the 13-door Lubok Pantau longhouse. Dinner and traditional entertainment in the longhouse will be held at night. Overnight in comfortable traditional beds unrolled one the longhouse floor.

Day 3: After breakfast in the longhouse, we will spend the morning building traditional Iban rafts, made from timber and bamboo lashed together with jungle creepers. Embark for downriver rafting trip in near-white-water conditions, accompanied by one experienced Iban raft man for every 2 people. Dinner and accommodation is by the river bank (tents or traditional makeshift shelters) or in a nearby longhouse, depending on progress.

Day 4: Breakfast by the river bank before continuing to raft to Ugat longhouse. Board a longboat to the jetty for van/coach transfer to Kuching with lunch on board.


Duration: 4 Days, 3 Nights