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Sarawak River Cruises (2 hours)

The best way to see and enjoy historic Kuching is from the Sarawak River, the main artery around which the city has grown. Our Sarawak River Cruise gives you a view of the city and its surroundings that is impossible to experience from dry land. This two hour cruise of the Sarawak River provides a unique view of the picturesque river life of Kuching.The boat glides past colourful Malay villages, the elegant City Mosque, Malay houses on stilts, the historical Fort Margherita and the Kuching Waterfront. Along the way, you will see brightly painted water taxis (tambang) ferrying passengers, villagers, fishing boats, and wooden cargo vessels going about their business. Enjoy a full view of the Astana, the former residence of the White Rajahs, now the Governor’s residence. From the comfort of our purpose-built pontoon boats you will enjoy unobstructed views of every aspect of traditional life on the river.

- Morning Cruise (2 hours)
- Sunset Cruise (2 hours)

From late afternoon to twilight, the setting sun provides a lovely backdrop (weather permitting) and ends with colourful lights along the Kuching waterfront as you approach the jetty.


Duration: 2 hours