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Tanjung Datu National Park (2D1N)

Tanjung Datu National Park is a 2 hr drive from Kuching and another 45 to 50 minutes by boat from the Sematan town jetty.  The park is situated on the Datu Peninsular on the south western tip of Sarawak.
At just under 14sq. km. it is one of the smallest parks in Sarawak.  Half of the peninsula is situated within Sarawak and the other portion lies in Indonesia.
Described as the ‘Heaven of Borneo’, visitors to the park will be greeted by towering trees when they enter its forest.  Unique to the park is the Banded Langur monkey. 
Other stellar inhabitants of the forest are the Borneo gibbon, long tail and pig-tailed macaques, bearded pigs, bearcat, civet cat, tufted ground squirrels, peacocks, mouse deer, barking deer, sambar deer, porcupine and hornbills.
Overnight at the national park in an open-spaced hut (dormitory) or in the comfort of a bedded room (very limited), If time and condition permits, you can swim, snorkel or take a stroll on its white sandy beachs.
A night walk could also be arranged to view the glowing fungus on the ground depending on availability and the brightness of the moon.  With good timing and luck, peek at a turtle or two if it decides to come up to the beach to lay eggs!
Note : Though the national park is home to 8 species of Hornbills, all wildlife sightings are not guaranteed.
Optional : Tanjung Datu National Park (3 Days / 2 Nights )