Orang Utan Adoption Program at Semenggoh Nature Reserve

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Orangutan rehabilitation programs are expensive and require dedicated personnel. In Sarawak, rehabilitation for orangutan is carried out at wildlife centres in Semenggoh and Matang.  In the effort of educating the public to learn and understand this totally protected wildlife, Sarawak Forestry Corporation offers public involvement in their rehabilitation program by introducing the Orangutan Adoption Program.

The adoption fund supports orangutan conservation works, which include:

  • Projects on orangutan conservation
  • Educational program to promote awareness on orangutan conservation
  • Food and medication for the orangutan in rehabilitation centres

Package Information

Platinum Package (Corporate): MYR 100,00.00 with 10 years adoption period

Gold Package (Corporate): MYR 50,000.00 with 5 years adoption period

Silver Package (Corporate): MYR 30,000.00 with 3 years adoption period

Bronze Package (Corporate): MYR 20,000.00 with 2 years adoption period

Copper Package (Corporate): MYR 10,000.00 with 1 year adoption period

Individual Package: MYR 200.00 per adoption (per orangutan) with 1 year adoption period

*Only 1 specific orangutan adopted from the centre for each adoption package


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