Traveling in Borneo

October 29, 2018

Kevin and I are a young couple from the Netherlands. We traveled in Borneo for 6 days. Our really kind guide Rudien Daniel traveled with us for the whole 6 days. He was really kind and knew a lot about the nature, city, culture and country. We learned a lot from him. He was not only nice and sweet, but he drove really good and took pictures of us at all the beautiful places we’ve seen. His English was perfect! So we talked all day long.

We’ve been to Bako national park. A really amazing place with nature and a lot of animals. Most of them are monkeys. De boat trip to the special rocks completed the trip.

We had a city tour. Walking around the city showed us everything about the country. The temples and souvenirs are very nice and the most items were handmade.

After the 2 days we went to the Iban tribe. That was so amazing. The people were really sweet and kind and they showed a lot of respect. A little back in time. Because the materials that they use are not very modern. You’ll experience how they live and work. Really nice to do. We recommend sleeping in the longhouse.

After the Iban tribe we went to a longhouse resort. A very big difference if you slept in the longhouse before you go to the resort. Rudien Daniel recommended the night walk and it was amazing! We saw a lot of animals. Spiders, grasshoppers, fireants, caterpillars, butterflies, gekko’s and even a little snake.
A great time with a great guide! Really thanks for the nice experience!
We added a few pictures. If you travel in Borneo, you will see the same amazing places!