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  • RM5,000.00 bicycle tour

    Kuching Bicycle Tour

    Pedaling around Kuching on 2 wheels enables you to capture in the sights, sounds and smell of this compact city. This is one of the best way to explore whilst

  • RM5,000.00 Sarawak River Cruise tour

    Kuching City & River Tour

    The preferred introduction to Kuching. This tour starts with a river cruise along the Sarawak River followed by the Kuching City Tour.
    A traditional albeit modern way to see and

  • RM1,000.00 kuching city tour

    Kuching City Tour

    The proper and perfect introduction to Sarawak’s historic capital, this 3-hour tour takes visitors past a variety of tourist attractions in Kuching City.

  • RM5,000.00 kuching heritage trail tour

    Kuching Heritage Trail

    This guided 4-hours walkabout tour brings you to the streets of Kuching showcasing the beauty of the city of unity and its heritage buildings some dating back to more than

  • RM5,000.00 Sarawak River Cruise tour

    Sarawak River Cruises

    A traditional albeit modern way to see and appreciate historic Kuching would be a boat cruise along the Sarawak River. It provides a time-honored view of the city and its