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  • RM5,000.00 bako national park tour

    Bako National Park

    This small peninsular, accessible only by boat, is home to seven distinct ecosystems, giving rise to a remarkable diversity of animals and plant life. Bako’s most famous residents are the

  • RM5,000.00

    Bau Fairy Cave & Wind Cave

    The town of Bau, 22km from Kuching is famed as a former gold mining centre and as the primary scene of the Chinese Rebellion of 1857. Nowadays its most popular

  • RM5,000.00 Bengoh eco retreat tour

    Bengoh Valley

    What was once an 8-hour hike to a Bidayuh Village is now a 15-minute boat ride away surrounded by scenic mountainous backdrops across the majestic Bengoh Lake (1 hour from

  • RM5,000.00 Gunung gading rafflesia safari tour

    Gunung Gading Rafflesia Safari

    From Kuching, Gunung Gading National Park is about 98km away. It is Sarawak’s main conservation area for the Rafflesia, the world’s largest flower, which can grow up to one metre

  • RM5,000.00 jong crocodile farm tour

    Jong’s Crocodile Farm

    Sarawak’s legendary man-eating crocodiles are usually rare and elusive, but at Jong’s Crocodile Farm, over 1000 of these fearsome predators are bred in a 25-acre complex along with other wildlife,

  • RM5,000.00 Mangrove & Irrawaddy Dolphin Watching Cruise

    Mangrove & Irrawaddy Dolphin Watching Cruise

    This trip cruises along the Santubong River and plies the Salak River Delta systems, of which, both flow into the South China Sea.
    In both, one experience a close-up view

  • RM5,000.00 matang wildlife centre tour

    Matang Wildlife Centre

    This center (50 minutes from Kuching) is part of Kubah National Park and is Sarawak’s main centre for wildlife rehabilitation. The rescued animals being rehabilitated and kept here includes the

  • RM5,000.00 niah cave mulu cave tour

    Mulu Caves

    Gunung Mulu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of Outstanding Natural Beauty have only been partially explored. The extensive cave systems of Gunung Mulu National Park are multiple record holders proudly

  • RM5,000.00 niah cave mulu cave tour

    Niah Caves

    A Cradle of Human Civilization
    Niah National Park is home to one of the most spectacular great cave entrances in the world which houses the oldest known human burial sites

  • RM5,000.00 Santubong WIldlife cruise tour

    Santubong Wildlife Cruise

    Our award winning tour takes you along the Santubong and Salak river estuaries.
    The cruise starts at the Sarawak Boat Club. From there, your boat cruises to the mouth of

  • RM5,000.00 Satang island tour

    Satang Island

    Transfer from hotel to boat jetty. Boat ride will take approximately 40 minutes to Satang Island. Upon arrival, check–in to island huts. Accommodation quality is spartan. Electricity is from a

  • RM5,000.00 Satang island tour

    Satang Island Cruise & Snorkeling

    This cruise passes mangrove swamps and the picturesque Santubong fishing villages on the way to the South China Sea.
    After a short cruise through the open sea, we arrive at

  • RM5,000.00

    Semenggoh Nature Reserve

    This is the best place in Sarawak to view semi-wild orangutans who have been rescued from captivity and trained to survive in the surrounding forest reserve. The rehabilitated animals roam

  • RM3,000.00

    Silabur Cave

    The town of Serian is located about 60km from Kuching and home to many Bidayuh villages of Bukar-Sadong descent.
    From Serian, continue another 40 minutes’ drive to Kampung Batu Mawang,

  • RM5,000.00

    Tanjung Datu National Park

    Tanjung Datu National Park is a 2-hour drive from Kuching and another 10 mins by boat from Telok Melano Village. The park is situated on the Datu Peninsular on the